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Frequently asked questions

What are our core capabilities?
Do we focus on any particular industries?

No. We pride ourselves on an ability to do deep-dives into industries both familiar and unfamiliar, always applying a fresh and objective lens to each of our clients’ needs and target audiences. To this end, we’ve taken on projects ranging from jewelry to blockchain to veterinary services.

How much do our services cost?

Pricing is completely dependent on each client’s unique needs. We try to set our fees in a way that is attainable for early-stage ventures, and we set project flat rates to control scope creep. Additionally, we create custom packaging and prices depending on your needs. If you need to connect with a lower-cost provider, or a team with a different set of capabilities, we’re always happy to refer you to other firms who can do work more in line with your company’s needs.

How long do our projects typically take?
Timelines are dependent on your company’s needs, and your team’s ability to collaborate and provide proactive feedback. We can turn around quick projects in a matter of days, or we can engage in multi-month projects that entail multiple phases.
Do we need to be in-person to work together?
Not necessarily! We have clients that we’ve never met in person who have engaged with us multiple times. We’re always happy to meet in person and workshop through ideas when necessary, but we’re happy to be flexible and collaborate from afar over email, phone, and various collaboration tools like Google Docs and Slack.
Can we provide client references?
Yes, we’re happy to introduce you to previous clients who would be happy to talk to you about their experiences working with us. You can also read some client testimonials here.
Can we provide examples of our clients' successes, including "before and after" work?
We typically do not share “before” work, so as to not disparage our clients, but we’re happy to discuss and share a limited set of examples that demonstrate progress and brand evolution.

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